Facts: The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever, even though some dinosaurs are thought to might Have surpassed its length. The Blue Whale is blue in color and can be speckled. It can grow to 98ft in length and weigh 180 tonnes. The Blue Whale lives worldwide. The population of the Blue Whale has dropped horribly in the last two centuries and is at a low 10,000-25,000. their are 3 species of the Blue Whale, the North Atlantic and North Pacific Species, B.M. Musculus, the Indian Ocean Species, B.M. Brevicauda, and the South Pacific Species, B.M. Indica. And the B.M. Intermedia of the Southern Ocean. Blue Whales can live to a long lifespan of 100 years.

Type: Rorqual. Scientific Name: Balaenoptera Musculus. Calf Weight: 5,511. Gestation Period: 10-18 months. Status: Endangered. Family: Balaenidae. Habtiat: Ocean. Group Size: 1-5. Threats: Whalers. Diet: Krill.

History: The Blue Whale was one of the main whale species that whalers whaled and was nearly hunted to extinction, the population used to be 202,000-311,000 but now is at a low of 10,000-25,000. The Blue Whale was overhunted by whalers almost to extinction due to the high amount of blubber The Blue Whale has which was useful for making oil for lamps, also to sell the high prized meat of the whale, also collecting the whales tongue and other parts for trophies.