Facts: The Sperm Whale is gray to pinkish in color, and is the 4th biggest whale. It is 45-67 ft in length and can weigh 40 tonnes. Sperm Whales spend most of their lives deep down in the ocean abyss, their huge heads are full of spermaceti which allow the whale to dive 7,382 feet underwater. Sperm Whales are the largest toothed Whales alive and are the last remaining species of the genus physeter. Sperm Whales live worldwide and are commonly known for the large head. Sperm Whales can live up to 60 years. The population of the Sperm Whale is at a good amount of 300,000. Sperm Whales have the largest brain of any animal, they also have the longest dive of any animal in the animal kingdom.

Scientific Name: Physeter Macrocephalus. Type: Toothed Whale. Gestation Period: 9-12 months. Calf Weight: 2,200 lbs. Status: Vulnerable. Family: Physeteridae. Habitat: Ocean. Group Size: 1-20. Threats: Giant Squid, whalers, ships, nets. Order: Certartiodactyla. Species: P. macrocephalus. Infraorder: Cetacea. Parvorder: Odontoceti.

History: Sperm Whales were one of the main whale species targeted by whalers due to the high prized type of oil in their heads that allowed them to dive deep down, the oil was Long-lasting and was a good type of oil for lamps. The original Sperm Whale population was more then 1,000,000 but has now decreased to a sad 300,000. The Sperm Whale is also one of the most known whales, it is mentioned in many books, it is also the lead character in the famous "Moby Dick."


Sperm Whale range.