Facts: The Southern Right Whale is one of the 3 subspecies of the species the The Right Whale. The Southern Right lives in the Southern Hemisphere and spends its whole life there, breeding feeding and raising its young. It is black and white in color and its head is covered in callosities just like the Northern Right Whale. It weighs 60 tons and is 49-60 ft long. The Southern Right Whale population was depleted to a number of 4,000 due to whaling. The testicles of The Southern Right Whale are the largest of any animal known. The Southern Right Whale is the 3th biggest whale. Though how long Southern Right whales live is unknown it is thought that they probably live 50 years.

Type: Rorqual. Scientific Name: Eubalaena Australis. Calf Weight: 88,185-154,323. Gestation Period: 11-12 months. status: Endangered. family: Baleanidae. Habitat: Ocean. Group Size: 1-10 Threats: whalers, ships, nets, cranes. Diet: krill.

History: The Southern Right Whale was one of the whale species almost hunted to extinction. Its population has decreased horribly to a low 4,000. TH Southern Right Whale species has been gradually been increasing over the last 50 years. The Southern right Whale has "right" in their name because they were the right whale to hunt for their high amount of blubber. Even though the Southern and Northern Right Whale are considered o be the same species both species haven't interbreed for more then 3 million year and have different genetic types so are considered to be different species.

Souther right whale and baby1