Facts: The Northern Right Whale is the third biggest whale, it is a baleen whale. There are 3 species of Right Whale, The North Atlantic, The North Pacific and the Southern Right Whale. The Northern Right Whale can grow to be 65 ft. long and 100 tons. The Right Whale is easy to spot by its head covered in barnacles and its extremely long baleen. Northern Right Whales prefer to stay close to bays and peninsulas, They live and breed in the Northern half of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific. The Northern Right Whale is black in color. The Northern Right Whale is extremely endangered, the population is at a low of only 400 individuals.

Scientific Name: Eubalaena Glacialis, Calf Weight: 3,086 lbs., Gestation Period: 365 days, Family: Balaenidae, Habitat: Ocean, status: endangered, Group Size: 1-20, Threats: Nets, Boats, Cranes. Diet: Krill.

History: Right Whales were named Right Whales due to when people whaled, Right Whales were the "right" whale to kill because of their high blubber content, their slow surface skimming which made them an easy target, and when they died they floated at the water which let whalers collect their blubber. Right Whales were hunted so much that only a few hundred of the North Atlantic species exist while only a few in the teens range of North Pacific exist. On the other hand, their cousins the Southern Right Whales are the least concern because whalers wouldn't go south to hunt for whales so that population is safe.